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Corporate Services


Valuation is a central theme of Corporate Finance and is absolutely essential for Corporate Finance advisors. For Senior Finance professionals operating within large companies it can be a major source of risk as an overpriced acquisition can weigh on a company's balance sheet for years.

Sources of Finance and Capital Structure

All businesses require external finance to get going. This external finance comes in the form of debt and equity. We can help business owners through all types of private equity deals. In addition, we can advise on all kinds of debt instruments, and funding.

Corporate Transactions

These include Share Acquisitions, Assets Acquisitions, Mergers, Disposals, MBO's and IPO's.

Corporate Restructuring

Greater economic uncertainty and an ever increasing pace of corporate change are putting more businesses under financial pressure where they are forced to restructure their businesses and/or restructure their finances.

This can be classified as:

Business Restructuring (and cost reduction) or Financial Restructuring

Services Include:

  • Independent Business Reviews (IBR's)
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Workouts/Turnarounds

Investment Appraisal

We assess each investment using a number of techniques with a key financial aim to add to shareholder value. With management often facing real constraints on their ability to improve operational performance, it is all the more important that investment decisions are financially justified.

We aim to help you see the audit process as a benefit to your business, not just a cost.

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